Rabu, 31 Agustus 2011

Not a Child Anymore

I've got one little sister and we are five years appart in age.I assume she always just A KID but look now she is grow up now she has become a teenage girl wohooo.Years passed by so fast rite.Here it is the metamorph of my lil sist into a teenage girl :)

Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Old 70's

For me something kinda old stuff or 70's are nice,cool and adorable sometimes or umm let say it often.Fashion,as an example,is always renewable in same cycle such as high waist pants which is already exist since so many year passed but it renewable and become hit again in this 20's rite?That's why I think something kinda old stuff and 70's are cool sometimes or let say it often.

I joined photography club in my campus and at first we were taught to capture pictures by analog camera with roll film inside.Well I could say that it cost much than use the digital one but it'll teach me to think twice before you capture sth with shutter in your digital camera or SLR.And I missed that moments when we do a big hunt together went around Jakarta and slept at Bank Mandiri Museum.So I go again to this beautiful old-city with my high school friends and edited it like rolled film photos .Well that's some story that I could share behind these chapter :)

I say it as documentation :P

Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011

You and Me

always miss my high-school moment!For me it's the best moment which is full of enjoyable and excitement together with friends.So,it'll always fun when we have gathered like this full of laughing,gossiping and other stupidity actions:)

Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Behind The Scene of Final Exam

Start at 7 p.m

(full of spirit)

10 minutes later....

(open the book)

30 minutes later....

(full of concentration)

at 7.35 p.m

(refresh mind ----> take a break for a while,eh?)

at 7.40 p.m

( streched the body get into the bed,eh?)

at 7.45 p.m


Well,I had full of spirit at the beginning for my FINAL EXAM, but 30 minutes later I'd just can't resist the BED!So I gave up,I get on my bed and yep study in the dreamland!

I Hope I'll Get Good News for My Final's Score :)

Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

FUN Actually

Being a NERD,yeah N.E.R.D !

They usually known by their wormbook identity and with big glasses,weird bang,old-style clothes with tight button on the top and soon.But,what I've been thinking about is you know sometimes being a NERD sounds fun,because they don't have to care about their appearance,what's hit fashion in this world coz' all they do just read read and read ! I didn't say that I'm a fashionisnta or kinda like that but I do care about my appearance and I still care about what's hit fashion in the world.But there's one same thing between me and nerdy. I like to wear anything that makes me comfort whether it hits in this surface of earth or not,whether people love it or not.I wear something that I loved so do nerdy!

So,overall sometimes being nerdy is weird but sometimes it also FUN !